Electrocycle Adelaide Hills

Custom Made Electric Bicycles

Have your own bike? Not riding it? Why not customize and convert it to an electric bike and transform your lifestyle.

Electric bikes are a fantastic mode of transport whether it be for fun, leisure or commuting. At Electrocycle we use the Bafang  250Watt 36v mid drive Lekkie e-bike conversion kit  which is  street legal, with 5 levels of pedal assistance, as well as a thumb throttle control for when you start climbing steep hills or require maximum acceleration. By using a removable long life lithium ion battery, the bike can be ridden between 50 and 80 kilometres before a recharge is required. Send us a picture of your bike and we will quote you on the cost of the conversion which may include replacing some components of your existing bike in order to meet the balance of comfort, speed and looking good.


Phone: 0402144233

Email: info@electrocycle.com.au